Posted by PMCC 4th Watch – Europe District on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Reflecting on how the Psalmist time and again offers praise and thanksgiving to God for the things He has done, God has answered the London Locale’s deep desires for the success of the 15th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving. This momentous celebrations were witnessed at the VUK Banqueting Hall in Chiswick, London on the 17th June, 2018. In an effort to boost this gathering, the London brethren had organised an information and promotion campaign 2 weeks prior and by the grace of God, it resulted to 215 attendee! The day preceding the anniversary was also dedicated to the Spiritual empowerment of the brethren. The Europe Coordinator and Head Minister, Presbyter Violy Concepcion led the brethren from a distance but with the formidable leadership of Sis Anna Magnaye, the brethren made an indelible mark of unity resulting to a grandiose event! Some guests invited to grace this anointed gathering were the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) Labour Attache Reydeluz Conferido and OWWA Welfare Officer Ma. Consolacion Marquez. This anniversary was also blessed with the presence of the husband and wife tandem of Ptr Tom Salanap and Ptr Tess Salanap, both Sub-coordinators of Europe District and who each head the locales of Milan and Madrid. Also in attendance was Bro. Noemel Muncada, worker of God from Marbella Locale Church. The keynote Speaker who has been a perpetually favourite of the District was no other than the powerful Evangelist, Presbyter and Ptr. Leticia Ferriol. The worship service began by a special opening salvo performed by the London Locale and Birmingham Extension brethren. These ushered in the lively praise and worship singing along with the Special choir performances of Birmingham Extn, Berkshire Locale and the Voice of Grace Chorale London. This occasion also recognised God’s goodness in London through the AV presentations of its inception 15years ago up till the present. It was also an occasion of acknowledging the tirelessness and support of Ptr.Tom Salanap and Bro. Mhel Muncada in spearheading the newly built chapel of the London Locale. A very significant moment was a tribute lovingly bestowed to Evangelist Let Ferriol expressing appreciation for her unwavering dedication to the mission and her compassionate love for the souls resulting in the exponential growth of the church! When moment came for her to exhort the Word of God, everyone was captivated by the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit as she has honestly and truthfully pictured the blessings of being a child of God!! This then followed by an altar call and resulted in 8 baptisms instantly and a further 44 expressed desire to pursue further bible studies. A fellowship ensued with traditional British high tea and the seemingly endless photo opportunities with Presbyter Let who so very kindly accommodated the brethren. Overall by the loving grace and mercy of God, the London Anniversary had come to pass however, we can say that God had truly blessed all the efforts with success if we pray, work, obey and entrust everything in the Almighty Hand of the Living God!!

Sis Cherry Sotero