Posted by PMCC 4th Watch – Europe District on Thursday, June 28, 2018

Madrid Locale, one of the most prolific in growth among the Europe District locales honoured the goodness of God with a celebration of the 18th Church Anniversary! The much anticipated event unfolded at the Holiday Inn Bernabeu on the 3rd of June, 2018. The venue was filled with the total number of 358 attendee of this said event. Truly even with the hectic months of preparations including fastings and prayers, it had resulted to this victorious commemoration with the help of the Providence of God! Ptr Tess Salanap, head and resident Pastor in this locale and also the Sub coordinator for the Yellow Gold Area in Philipi, happily welcomed the guests and visitors in this holy gathering! Distinguished guests for this year’s anniversary were personnels from the Philippine Embassy namely Mr Edgar Canta ( Attache and Official Assistance to National Officer and Mr Florencio Alba Aliganga ( Consular Assistance). Ptr Tes also extended the invitations to the powerful men and women of God who lead the different locale churches, among them were: Sis Karen Carbonel of Wales Extn, Sis Julie Cabrillas of Barcelona Locale, and Bro Noemel Muncada of Marbella Local. On this truly spectacular event of Madrid locale, it is but fitting to be graced by people specially chosen by the Lord, seasoned speakers who ministered the Word of God powerfully in order to change the lives of those present. Among this honoured guests were Ptr Tom Salanap, the Sub-coordinator and head Pastor of Milan Locale who gave the ministry of the word for offertory. The indefatigable and spiritual Coordinator of the Europe District, Presbyter Ptr Violy Concepcion , also present in this occasion and introduced the keynote speaker. The grace of God truly manifested by the Holy Spirit as the anointed guest of honour and speaker was no less than global Evangelist Ptr Leticia Ferriol! When the Words of God found the seeking hearts of those people through the message of Ptr Let, it resulted to 24 souls heeding to be washed in the ministry of baptism! Glory to God!! The powerful moving of the Holy Spirit also gave the songs offered to God with depth and meaning as led by Sis Megan Millares (MC) and Sis Maybel Dela Cruz with the Madrid Praise and Worship team. The Adult Choir and God’s Property of Praise Chorale also left the audience in awe and filled the venue with praises to God, the giver of gifts and talents! The locale also prepared an extravaganza of songs and dances in the Gospel Concert in the evening much to the delight of the brethren. Rightfully and biblically, when we abound in every good work, the Lord will continue to do His part to make our partnership with the goodman of the house, the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol magnificent in His sight!! Gloria a Dios!!

(Sis Cherry Sotero)