United Kingdom Camp 2018 Proved Remarkably Victorious An annual event most anticipated by all the local churches in the United Kingdom, the UK Summer Camp was celebrated in Wales on the 1st till the 5th of August 2018. Supported through prayers by the Goodman of the House, the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, this camp was victorious and has greatly enhanced the brethren’s fellowship and meditations of the Words of God. Presbyter Pastor Violy Concepcion, the Coordinator of Europe District is also on hand to oversee this glorious event and her support proved to be invaluable during this big gatherings!

Following Christ in Suffering and Glory taken from Hebrew 5:8 has been the theme on this year’s gathering. The messages were enhanced with the anointing speakership of the Overseer of the Europe District, Bishop Arturo Ferriol. He was joined by Ptr Joseph Concepcion the Head minister of San Diego Locale of California and Cong Abigail Ferriol Pascual. Their testimonies and Spirit-filled messages brought the hearts of the brethren connected to the pure, truthful, inspiring and unadulterated Word of God.

Every year different activities and contests showcased the array of talents from the different UK locales and Extensions: namely , London, Berkshire, Manchester, Wales and Birmingham Extension. Everyone witnessed how the brethren supported each other as it was made evident of their cheers and participation during these activities. The penultimate service was the MBS and Dedication Night. Having been immersed with God’s admonitions through the messages, the hearts of the brethren were touched when Bishop Arturo Ferriol delivered the call to dedicate for the mission of God to which many responded willingly. The camp highlight cannot come soon enough when on Sunday, all delegates worshiped God and experienced the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit. Truly that even if our services to God is paved with sufferings, we are reminded that these are momentary and not to be compared with the glory that will be revealed for us in heaven!! To God be all the glory!

Sis. Cherry Sotero