Another momentous achievement was realised in the PMCC (4th watch) Europe District during the celebration of the very 1st Anniversary of the Locale Church of Germany. Dated on the 26th of August 2018, brethren and visitors from various places in Germany gathered together at the Leonardo Hotel, Monchengladbach in celebration of this historical event. Some delegates from Belgium, Italy, Spain, and U.K. also attended to take part in this anniversary. Sister Melissa Khan, the current worker in Germany, warmly welcome everyone who were present in the event. The Divine worship service started with the fervent prayer of the congregation led by Sis. Anna Delos Trino, Minister in Belgium locale seconded by the inspiring message of blessings exhorted by Sis. Anna Magnaye, associate minister of London Locale. The outpouring grace of the Lord once again strengthened not only the brethren in the church but also the visitors alike during the worship message delivered by the special guest speaker of this gathering, Presbyter Violy Concepcion. Sharing the great value of salvation, everyone was reminded and inspired by the unimaginable goodness of God. The event was concluded after the Gospel Concert that was prepared by the brethren in Germany and other locales’ delegates. Indeed it was a day where real joy was evident through the smiles of those who personally witnessed this glorious event. To God be all the Glory!

  • Bro. Adriane Villorante