The city of Tel Aviv, steeped in history and the second most populous city in Israel was the location for Israel locale’s 19th Church Anniversary. Brethren and guests who live in the Holy Land congregated together at the Gilgal Hotel, last August 19th, 2018 to partake in this momentous event. The start of the event was joyful, as the worship hall was filled with spiritual singing and praises, as the praise and worship team lead the congregation to worship. The Emcee of the ceremony was sis. Ophir Estopa, daughter Ptr Mylene Estopa, one of the dynamic sub-coordinators of the Europe District. The opening prayer was then lead by Sis. Elena Galapon. Following this, were the announcements which were given by Sis. Malou Floren. The musical talents of the attendees were exhibited through the array of choir performances and songs of praise. The first song of praise was rendered by the cadets of Israel locale. The Scripture Reading was lead by Ptr Sanny Madrid, the dedicated pastor and worker of Israel locale. A second song of praise was then lifted up to God by selected brethren. The presence of the brethren, visitors and special guests were joyfully acknowledged through the welcome remarks, which were given by Ptr Sanny Madrid, the faithful co-pastor and worker of Israel locale. Shortly after this, the message of blessing was then delivered by Ptr Mylene Estopa, the vibrant head pastor of Switzerland locale and sub-coordinator of Europe district’s Orange Area. The last heavenly song of praise was then presented by Israel locale. The introduction to the keynote speaker was given by Ptr. Tat Madrid, who esteemed and welcomed Philippi District’s Coordinator, the seasoned and resilient, Presbyter Ptr. Violy Concepcion. After receiving and hearing the words of God through the message, the hearts and minds of the brethren and guests were stirred; which bore fruit and resulted in 7 baptisms. The total attendance was 80, with 25 visitors. Truly, the success of Israel locale’s 19th Church Anniversary is another testament of God’s faithfulness as the brethren surpass another milestone in their faith. Glory to God!

  • Sis. Rchie Sotero