With great anticipation and excitement, brethren and guests from Cagliari all gathered together at the Regina Margherita Hotel to witness the celebration of Cagliari locale’s 14th Church anniversary, on Sunday 9th September, 2018. There was a total of 60 attendees, 16 of which were visitors for this grand event. The awaited event opened with joyous and spiritual singing, and the Sunday School was welcomed with prayer, which was lead by Sis. Nilda Abina. After a series of audio visual presentations, Bro. Glenn Evangelista rendered the closing prayer for the morning service. The worship hall erupted with praises and songs to the Lord as the congregation was geared to worship by the master of ceremony; Sis. Carol Holgado and the Cagliari Praise and worship team. Sis. Rosalinda Evangelista rendered the opening prayer and the Scripture Reading followed, conducted by Bro. Gil Abina. A series of celestial songs were sung to the Lord by selected brethren after the announcements, which were given by Sis. Merlyn Holgado. To officially extend her warm welcome, head pastor and worker of Cagliari locale, beloved Ptr. Rosenda Calcat delivered her welcome remarks. The brethren were stirred and encouraged to give themselves and their blessings for the work of God through the message of offertory, which was delivered by Bro. Luis Concepcion. Following this, was the last heavenly song of praise, which was performed by the host locale. The guests and brethren enjoyed the unadulterated word of God which was delivered by the guest speaker for this year, Europe District’s faithful and loving Coordinator, Presbyter Ptr. Violy Concepcion. A gospel concert posed as the finale for this grand event; which clearly presented the manifold gifts that God has given to His children. The Cagliari locale members have truly tasted the goodness and victory of the Lord. We can be assured that we will continue to be witnesses of His great work. Maranatha!

  • Sis Rchie Sotero