Another significant event was added to the history timeline of Malta locale, as they joyously celebrated their second Church Anniversary. The event took place last September 16, 2018. A joyful noise filled the worship hall as brethren and guests were lead to worship. The worship service commenced with prayer, which was rendered by Sis. Mary Ann Saflor, followed by the declaration of the important announcements. The reading of the Scriptures and the warm welcome remarks were delivered by Bro. Rey Manarang, the dedicated worker in Malta locale. The message of giving and generously supporting the mission was delivered by Sis. Mereniza Ozaeta, from the Red Area, which comprises Europe District’s locale churches in Italy. Selected brethren and the Malta Locale Choir showcased their angelic voices through the songs of praise numbers which were performed throughout the worship service. The time finally came for the congregation to listen to the words of God, and the deep and meaningful message was delivered by Ptr. Tom Salanap, one of the sub-coordinators of the Philippi District in the Red Area and head pastor of Milan locale.This heart stirring message moved the first timers and visitors to action as they answered the altar call, to accept the Lord as their personal Saviour. The afternoon service kickstarted with uplifting praise songs, with the Emcee’s Ptr Fina Manarang, Head pastor of Rome locale and Bro. Domenador Castillo. Once again, the afternoon service commenced with a prayer, which was lead by Sis. Mereniza Ozaeta. Selected brethren showcased their God-given gifts during the gospel concert and their choreography presentations. The service ended with another insightful meditation of the word of God, once again delivered by this year’s keynote speaker, Ptr. Tom. Salanap. The resounding success of this anniversary is another testament of God’s steadfast love and grace to the growing works in the Philippi District! To God be all the glory!

  • Sis.Rchie Sotero