Young watchers flew from all over Europe together to the beautiful country of Portugal – one of Europe’s most desirable tourist destinations. However, The young watchers of Europe district gathered to this place with a certain mission in mind – to take part in the greatly anticipated annual event: the youth conference 2019. This year’s venue was hosted in the Fenix Lisboa Hotel. The first official day opened with the morning devotion; where the delegates welcomed the start of this event with prayer. The delegates were fed by the word of God; rendered by this year’s seasoned and diligent guest speaker – presbyter and co-ordinator of the Western Pacific District, Ptr. Gali Concepcion.

The afternoon services were succeeded by a mass dance rehearsal for the delegates for their flash mob and evangelism for day 2.

The opening night officially kickstarted The youth conference 2019, with the delegates filling the worship hall with spiritually meaningful and joyous songs of praise, as they were lead by the Diaspora Praise and Worship team. Sis. Anna Magnaye, the dynamic co-minister of London locale was the Master of Ceremony.

An opening salvo was performed by the youth delegates of Madrid 
Sis. Julie Cabrillas, minister of Barcelona locale rendered the opening 
prayer. The Scripture Reading was lead by Bro. Marlon Miciano, the wise worker and minister of the host locale. Vocal gifts shown by delegates from the UK locales such as Berkshire, London, Birmingham and MBS Europe , Showcasing their God given talents. The offertory message was spoken by another special guest speaker, the fiery Sis. Rachelle Ferriol.


Europe Youth Conference 2019 – Day 2 Lisbon, Portugal The youth delegates arose bright and early for the morning devotion as they meditated on the word of life, which was admonished by the esteemed Sis. Rachelle Ferriol. The hearts and minds of the youth were moved by the word of God, as she spoke of value of trusting God’s perfect will. After prayer, the first seminar commenced, which was rendered by Ptr Gallagher Concepcion; where the delegates studied how they can build up their faith to the highest level. The second seminar, delivered by Sis. Rachelle Ferriol, spoke about the signs that indicate spiritual growth in faith.


Grand worship The conclusion of this momentous event fell on a Sunday, and a congregation of adult and youth brethren all flocked together to the Fenix Hotel. The congregation was lead in their spiritual worship by sis. Rachelle Ferriol, one of the esteemed guests for this year’s youth conference. An audio visual presentation which showcased the many activities and services that the youth have done over the past two days. This audio visual presentation created a buzz of enthusiasm and excitement amongst the youth delegates, as they looked back on their youth conference experience. After witnessing an array of heavenly songs of praise from the different areas of the Europe District. The very heart of the service is the meditation of the word of God, which was delivered by the keynote speaker, beloved Presbyter Ptr. Gallagher Concepcion. A loving and warm introduction to the keynote speaker was delivered by Presbyter Ptr. Violy Conception, the devoted mother and coordinator of the Europe district. The divine message spoke of the many challenges that believers are faced with and the congregation was admonished to be strong and faithful until the very end. An altar call for the guests and visitors took place afterwards, which encouraged them to accept the Lord as their saviour.