The PMCC 4th Watch Athens Locale recently celebrated a victorious year of their establishment on the 26th of May,2019 at the Athenaeum Intercontinental in Athens, Greece. A total number of 160 brethren with 88 visitors graced this blessed event. It truly was a testament of the goodness of God in this part of the world. The gathering opened with the praise and worship with whom Sis Sheila Singzon, the master of ceremonies, and Sis Marieza Pappas led everyone in the spirit of thanksgiving and praises to God. The updates for announcement were delivered by Sis Rebecca Gabaon whilst the Scripture reading was ministered by Bro Roel Sinzon. Glorious songs os praises were raised up to God by the brethren from Thessaloniki Extension, Athens Youth Choir and the Athens Adult Choir. A video greeting from the goodman of the house, the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol was transmitted for this blessed occasion and truly the words of God coming from the sent one always brought joy and affirmation for the work of God in Athens. Ptr Carlos Estopa,Sub-Coordinator of the Orange Area and the head Paster of Athens welcomed everyone for their presence and he also ministered the Offertory message urging the brethren to always be supportive of the vast mission in the end-time. This years special guest speaker was no other than the Sub-Coordinator of Green Area and the head minister of Geneva Locale, Ptr Mylene Estopa. She admonished all the brethren to serve the Lord because that is the whole duty of man. After the message and when the altar call came, the visitors demonstrated their faith and accepted Jesus and 4 people accepted the gift of salvation by being baptised. After some refreshments, a gospel concert ensued much to the enjoyment of the brethren. It was prepared by the youth and adult of this locale. After the last number and the message of God has once again ministered by Ptr Mylene, everyone was blessed. This anniversary was a record of heavenly treasures and the brethren of the whole Athens locale has once again dedicated their lives, time and resources for another year of God’s wonderful work! Praise the Lord!

  • Sis Cherry Sotero