The 30th of June was the date the local of Berkshire had celebrated their victorious church anniversary and thanksgiving. Held at the Polish Association Hall, all 122 present witnessed how God poured His blessings for everyone as they commemorated the humble beginning of this local church. Ptr Tes Salanap graced this gathering as the guest and keynote speaker. Along with the workers of London, Sis Anna Magnaye, Manchester, Sis Melissa Khan and Heart of England Extn, Sis Cherry Sotero. The celebration centred on the worship service where Elder Judith Dancel, and the Hosanna Praise and Worship Band ushered the brethren to a spirit uplifting singing. Whilst the band played harmonious music, so were the songs of praise offered by The Heart of England Choir, London Choir and the Berkshire Choir who all dedicated songs lifting up the glory of God!! The Words of God ministered for the offertory were exulted with love by Sis Anna Magnaye. She spoke about giving that should be addressed for the glory of God because after all, everything comes from Him. As with all holy gathering, the most prominent portion was and has always been the Ministrations of God’s Words. Ptr Tes Salanap aptly and spiritually ministered and spoke the powerful words of God. The theme of her messaged centred on being vitally connected to God. As she pragmatically emphasised that even though men can achieve something valuable in this life, this has resulted to nothing when it comes to us already face to face with God. The words spoken came as clear as crystal and that everyone was moved to tears especially the visitors who came to accept the Lord Jesus Christ where one decided to be baptised. Shortly after the sumptuous lunch prepared by the host locale, a gospel concert exhibiting the God given prowess of Hosanna Praise and Worship Band delighted everyone with their song repertoire. It was indeed glorious as everyone was up on their feet singing with them!! Praise the Lord! Capping this wonderful celebration was another catering for our spirit nourishment. Ptr Tes Salanap once again ministered speaking about the many kinds of vessels used in the house of God. As she spoke about these various vessels, the secret as she spoke, to be used victoriously by God is if we yield to the will of God in holiness. As another anniversary has been celebrated, everyone went home joyful and spirit-filled, thankful to God for His benevolence. Even though the days leading to this celebration were filled with sacrifices, God has once again prove that if we put our trusts in Him and work as one approved by Him, victory is not far fetched, and this anniversary is one of them! Glory to God!!

Sis Cherry Sotero