The beautiful and most iconic city of Switzerland, Geneva has been a host city to our equally dynamic and expanding locale, the PMCC 4th Watch Geneva. A testament of this was the marvellous celebration of the 2019 Church. Anniversary and Thanksgiving. Held on the 30th of June 2019 at the prestigious Royal Manotel Hotel, the 125 brethren and visitors were presented with a gathering lifting up the Name of God!! This year’s guest and keynote speaker was none other than the ever supportive Europe District Coordinator Ptr Violy Concepcion. Also gracing this gathering were Ptr Carlos Estopa, Orange Area Sub-Coordinator and head minister in Athens Local, Sis Megan Millares, our Vienna worker and Sis Mereniza Ozaeta the worker in Milan Locale. The Worship service began with the praise and worship to God. Songs of Praise were offered by the brethren from Zurich extension and the different areas of Geneve. Ptr Mylene Estopa, the locale’s head pastor and the Sub-Coordinator of Green Area of Philippi District expressed her gratitude to the Goodman of the house, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol for his constant admonitions to further God’s work, to Ptr Violy Concepcion for her consistent support and guidance and to all brethren whose unwavering partnership were truly manifested on this day.Most especially this expression of gratitude is directed to God, for if without His mercy, grace and providence, this day will not be made possible! The offertory message of Ptr Carlos Estopa had also exemplified the faithfulness of God in our lives and the need to be constant in supporting the mission of God up till the second coming of Christ. Once again the most significant part of this holy gathering was imparted by Ptr Violy Concepcion. She gave importance to the life given for the service of God. This message from God led the many visitors to accept Jesus as their Saviour and five souls were baptised and added by God to His true church. Praise the Lord! After the altar call, everyone rose up on their feet to offer go God their thanksgiving offering. This was a special time to dedicate and proclaim the faithfulness of God to our lives the whole year and it is just proper to give Him our gratitude! Celebrating annual thanksgiving and remembrance of the establishment of a locale is truly humbling and would make one’s heart look on the faithfulness of God. As the brethren unitedly fellowship with one accord, the glory of God reverberates in every corner of the globe even in Geneva, Switzerland! To God be the glory!!

Sis Cherry Sotero