By the grace of God the Pentecostal Missionary church of Christ (4th watch) in Milan successfully celebrated their church anniversary and thanksgiving on the 9th of June, 2019 at the Grand Hotel Barone di Sassj. The local minister, Sis Mereniza Ozaeta, expressed her deep gratitude to God’s manifold blessings and mercy during her welcome remarks. She acknowledged the prayers and admonitions of the Goodman of the house, the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol and the ever-supportive Philippi District area Coordinator Presbyter Violy Concepcion, as an indomitable heavenly force sustaining her ministry. Truly it was a day celebrated with all praises and thanksgiving to God when the Divine Worship commenced.The partakers and special guests included all the Sub- Coordinators of the Europe District, Ptr. Tom Salanap (Red Area and Head minister of Madrid Local), Ptr Tes Salanap (Yellow-Gold Area and Head Minister of Madrid Locale), Ptr Jessette Noche (Blue Area and Head Minister of Nice Locale) and Ptr Mylene Estopa (Green Area and Head minister of Geneve Locale) who also encouraged everyone with the message of God thru offertory. Also in attendance were Bro Noemel Muncada, minister of Marbella Locale Church and Bro Al Santos. The exaltation of the Word of God was ministered by the guest speaker, the District coordinator of Europe Presbyter Violy Concepcion. She emphasized the brevity of life and to take all the opportunities to serve God while there is strength left in us. It was indeed a glorious service as all the 151 brethren and visitors, acknowledge the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit and seven souls were added baptised that day. Praise the Lord! The gathering was also witnessed by special visitors from the PAG-IBIG office representative, Ms. Mylene Pintor and Mr. Emilio Bellazi and Philippine Embassy OWWA Representative, Ms Ruth Roselynn Vibar. Following the worship service was the search for Mrs PMCC 4th Watch Milano. It was a unique way of showcasing the varied talents gifts and beauty given by God to His church much to the delight of the congregation. This year for Milan is another manifestation and testament of God that if we give our best efforts in serving Him, He will always crown our efforts with success! Glory to God!

Sis Cherry Sotero