The beautiful city of Florence, Italy, known as the cradle of the Renaissance also home to the PMCC 4th Watch Firenze (Florence) locale has recently celebrated their 11th year of establishment on the 7th of July, 2019. Their anniversary was held in Covercianni Theatre with a total of 42 brethren including the 19 visitors who attended this holy gathering. Outpouring of praises and songs were experienced during the worship service celebrated by the host local. Sis Leah Zonio, the worker of Florence was the Master of ceremonies whilst Sis Jhoan Cortez led the congregation to praise and worship. The keynote speaker this year is none other than the Sub-Coordinator of Green Area, Ptr. Mylene Estopa. She was introduced to the congregation by Ptr Fina Manarang, the minister in charge of Rome Locale who was also one of the guest in this anniversary. She has ministered the offertory message. The Words of God ministered by Ptr Mylene brought light to the minds and hearts of the congregation with the anointing help of the Holy Spirit and a visitor followed the call for baptism. A special thanksgiving offering was given by the entire congregation to express their gratitude to God’s goodness and mercies all through the years of the local’s inception. After the worship service a banquet was served for everyone. The brethren from Florence has also prepared a gospel concert to glorify God’s Name through the talents He has given to the Church. After the celebrations and the brethren left the venue, everyone was in awe of the ministrations of the Holy Spirit and the victory given by the Lord to His End time Church. To God be the glory!!

Sis Cherry Sotero