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The US musician Kanye West wants to run in the US election campaign. Is he really serious? In an interview, the rapper now causes further confusion – and reveals the name of his future party.

US rap star Kanye West caused further confusion about his possible presidential candidacy with an interview. The very rich music and fashion entrepreneur criticized the business magazine on Wednesday "Forbes" less incumbent Donald Trump than his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, promised a final decision within 30 days – and announced that his party would be called the Birthday Party. This can mean both a birthday party and a birthday party.

The 43-year-old announced on Independence Day on July 4th, to everyone’s surprise, that he would run for the presidential election in November. Since then, it has been puzzled in the United States how serious the husband of reality TV star Kim Kardashian really means.

West: "God appoints the president"

in the "Forbes"-Interview, the rapper assured that it was not a marketing gag, he wanted to "win". He already did "for years" spoke to his wife and Tesla founder Elon Musk about his presidential ambitions. "We’ll see if the appointment is in 2020 or 2024 – because God appoints the President. If I win in 2020, it was God’s appointment."

The idea of ​​a candidacy came to him in the bathroom. "I stood in the shower and was thinking, I’ll write rape in the shower. I was blown away to say: "You’re going to run for president" and I started laughing hysterically." His two most important advisors are his wife Kim Kardashian-West (39) and Tesla founder Elon Musk (49). "I offered him to become the head of our space program"West said in the interview.

West, who has long been an ardent supporter of Trump, again distanced himself from the right-wing populist in the interview. "I take off the red peaked cap with this interview." Meant is the red peaked cap from Trump’s 2016 election campaign – the rapper had worn it in 2018 at a meeting with the President in the White House.

At the same time, West found many words of praise for Trump in the interview. For years there has not been a president in the USA with whom God could be so much part of the conversation. Besides, Trump is "something special" – on the other hand, his challenger is Biden "nothing special".

West accuses challenger Biden of racism

The rapper even accused the Democrats and Biden of racism. "To say that blacks vote for Democrats is a form of racism and white supremacy."

Popular with African American voters, Biden caused controversy in May when he said on a radio show: "If you have a problem deciding whether you are for me or for Trump, then you are not black." The former deputy of the first black US President Barack Obama later apologized for his "unfortunate" Utterance. Critics accuse Trump of repeatedly stirring up racist resentment with his statements.

His plan could help Trump in the election

In the guesswork of Kanye West’s intentions, observers highlighted that while the rapper missed the presidential registration deadline in many states, if he actually ran and won black votes, he could hurt Biden in some hotly contested key states. When asked about the "Forbes"-Journalists whether he was aware that this could help Trump, West responded: "I do not deny that."

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In the long interview, the 43-year-old also said that he contracted the corona virus in to write an argumentative essay He recommended prayer as a remedy. With a possible vaccine he was "extremely careful"because many children through vaccinations "paralyzed" would – a frequently cited argument by vaccine opponents that is rejected by the overwhelming majority of experts. West even brought vaccinations with that "devil" in connection.

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Donald Trump faces new competition in the White House race. The music star Kanye West probably also wants to campaign. Not so long ago he was one of Trump’s supporters.

Four years of President Trump – his term in office in pictures
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Rap mogul Kanye West wants to challenge US President Donald Trump in November’s election. The musician and billionaire entrepreneur, who had excelled in the past as a supporter of Trump, shared his ambitions on Saturday in pathetic words via Twitter: "We must now fulfill America’s promises by trusting God, uniting our vision, and building our future. I am running for President of the United States!"

Photo show: Kanye West is one of the top earners among celebrities

West tagged his announcement with the catchphrase "# 2020Vision". The 43-year-old chose the symbolic Independence Day of the USA as the time. He did not give details of his presidential candidacy, which was announced at short notice. Kim Kardashian’s husband has only four months to win over US voters. Here you get an overview of the relationship networks in the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Turning away from Trump

The rapper was one of President Trump’s early supporters. In 2018, Trump received West in the White House, where the musician hugged the President and let out a rant in front of the cameras with expressions that are otherwise never heard from the official residence of the US President. However, West assured the head of state that he loved him that year.

West would have to go into the election campaign as an independent candidate, as both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are presidential candidates for the Republicans. The lawyer Ralph Nader attempted such a candidacy in the elections from 1996 to 2008. In any case, he had no chance. 

Meeting at the White House: Kanye West met with Donald Trump at the White House in 2018. (Source: Ron Sachs / CNP / MediaPunch / imago images)

In 2019, however, West put his support for Trump into perspective. It was a way to annoy the US Democrats. At the same time, the rapper announced his own ambitions: "There will be a time when I will be President of the United States"he prophesied.

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At the end of June, West published a musical commentary on the current racism debate in the USA. In a video for his song "Wash Us In the Blood" pictures of the nationwide anti-racism protests were on display.

Sources used: AFP news agency

Actor Brad Pitt celebrated his Oscar win extensively. At a party, he is said to have met ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

The looks of the 2020 Academy Awards
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After the ex-spouses Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston celebrated a public reunion at the SAG Awards in January, fans eagerly awaited another reunion. It is said to have happened on Oscar night. Like unspecified sources "Page Six", the celebrity magazine of "New York Post", both attended music manager Guy Oseary’s annual star-studded Oscar party. 

Short interlude – and loads of celebrities

As the anonymous sources further report, Aniston got her ex-husband to win his Oscar as best supporting actor for "Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood" congratulates. After that, they went their separate ways at the party – apparently they didn’t spend much time together.

At the exclusive party, singer Madonna actually acts as co-host. But she is currently on tour in Europe. Other guests ensured a lot of star power. Jennifer Lopez and her fiance Alex Rodriguez, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, Oscar winners Renée Zellweger and Taika Waititi, Adam Sandler, Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye West and Courteney Cox are said to have been present.

Jennifer Aniston also congratulated Laura Dern on her birthday – here the award-winning actress can be seen at the Oscars aftershow party (Source: Screenshot / Insta-Story) 

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Oscar winner Laura Dern had also sung a birthday song. She was 53 years old on February 10th – she said for her acceptance speech "Marriage story" American actress that won the award for best supporting actress "the best birthday present" be what she could wish for. 

Sources used: Instagram: Jennifer Aniston News agency spot on news

Comet Neowise has been visible in the sky for days, first in the morning and now in the late evening. Today, Thursday, there is probably the last chance for many to catch a glimpse of the comet for themselves.

Comet Neowise in the night sky
Photo series with 11 pictures

The people of the Neolithic Age are likely to have feared the heavenly phenomenon. Every 5,000 to 7,000 years, comet C / 2020 F3, aka Neowise, passes so close to Earth that it can be seen with the naked eye. The phenomenon in the vastness of the solar system has been visible in the sky for days.

How spectacular the comet can look was shown in the video above or here.

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Today, Thursday (July 23), the comet is closest to Earth. According to the Association of Star Friends in Germany, it is now a good 100 million kilometers away from the blue planet, around two-thirds of the mean distance between the earth and the sun.

Visitors from space: all information about the comet "Neowise"

Even if Neowise is slowly fading again, according to the chairman of Sternfreunde, Sven Melchert, it can still be seen in the night sky. With the naked eye you can see a medium-light, fuzzy body with a pale train upwards. That is the comet’s tail. This is of course easier to follow with binoculars. At the end of July it will probably fade completely, but clouds could cover the rare spectacle in the coming days.

Where is there a cloudless sky?

So whether you can catch a last glimpse of Neowise depends primarily on the weather. When the sky is clear, the comet’s tail appears in the evening sky shortly after sunset between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. 

Weather in Germany: Where it will be sunny – and where there is a risk of thunderstorms

On Friday night, weather expert Rainer Buchhop from MeteoGroup is expecting changing clouds across Germany. "The best opportunities for sky observation are still in the southwest and east of Germany, from Baden-Württemberg to Saxony"says Buchhop. There are also larger gaps in the cloud cover in southern Brandenburg and eastern Saxony-Anhalt. The people in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have bad cards. Looks and thick clouds are to be expected there.

Where do the curious have to look?

After dark, look for a place with as clear a view as possible to the north, there it draws its path below the constellation of the Big Dipper. The mobile phone can help here with a compass function. But apps also promise to track down the phenomenon.

The website "connect" recommends, for example, the free Comet NEOWISE app for iPhone and iPad. Android users can also choose between SkySafari and the Comets and Planets extension for the ISS Detector app. 

If you want to search without technical help, you can find one on Twitter "Directions" of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Accordingly, viewers must first look for the Big Dipper constellation. Of the two "Wheels" of the constellation, you draw a straight line towards the horizon to find Neowise.

Alternatively, you can use the conspicuously bright star Capella for orientation. This shines just above the horizon after sunset. Neowise is to the left of it.


Because people often ask: NEOWISE visible from about 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. above the northern horizon (exact time depends on sunset / sunrise at the location). To find the 2 "Wheels stars" from the great &# 128663; extend (entered here in screenshot from times).

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This is how comet pictures can be taken – with a camera or smartphone

The celestial body is so close to the earth that it can even be photographed with a smartphone camera on a cloudless night. Here are a few tips for the perfect snapshot: 

Find a location with a clear view to the north. Elevated observation points on mountains or hills outside of cities are best. The environment should be as dark as possible. You need a tripod or a stable surface to take photos with a long exposure time without blurring. 

With a reflex camera with a focal length of 50 millimeters or more, you can get even better pictures. With a telephoto lens from 100 millimeters you can get even closer to the celestial body "fetch". 

With an autofocus on the moon or a bright star, the comet can also be brought into focus. The aperture should be wide open, so choose a small f-number and experiment with different exposure times.