In the Year AD 51, Apostle Paul traveled to Athens, Greece by boat to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Greeks. His preaching took place at a archaelogical site, Areopagus, 2.2 miles from the Youth Conference venue. Greece, enriched with significant and biblical history, the youth of the Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH OF CHRIST 4th Watch Europe District traveled from different countries across United Kingdom & Europe to make history in the 21st Century, year of 2020 by gathering for one reason, one purpose and one aim, to carry on the unstoppable will of God, which are uplifting His name and the preaching of the words of God. Europe District Youth Conference 2020 hosted by Athens, Greece Locale commences the event with an immense opening number lighting up the venue with great adoration and enthusiasm, filled with great bravura performances. This year’s guest speaker, Brother Archie Ferriol, deeply emphasises the theme “Unstoppable” with the text Acts 5:39. His empowering message distinguishes deeply the topic meaning of being “Unstoppable” Like the early church, they were unstoppable despite of suffering and persecution. And sharing the characteristics of unstoppable people of God. Ending the night and leaving the youth to be spiritually challenged and heart inspired of doing the unstoppable work for the Lord. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!