Second day of Youth Conference began in the early morning. The delegates gathered in one unison at the venue hall to humbly intercede their prayers unto God. Followed by seminars with our guest speakers: Sister Rachelle Ferriol, as she holistically, emotionally, and spiritually encourages us to fight against our battles and draw nearer to God. And, Brother Archie Ferriol as he expounds the essence of understanding dedication. After lunch, the youth rehearses their flash mob then heads over to Syntagma. Showcasing and evangelising God’s unstoppable glory through them. Many people were appealed and allured as they drew closer to witness the work of God moving mightily before them. By the grace of God, the flashmob evangelism was a success. At the end of the day, the young watchers joined together in one fellowship and participated in fun and energetic team building activities. Engaging in unity, team effort, and harmony. Along with Ministries Night featuring a radical Praise & Worship hyping up the congregation and atmosphere. And a majestic song of praise rendered byBerkshire Young Watchers. The message, ministered by Sister Rachelle Ferriol, exhorting and compelling the youth by illustrating real life situations through team building activities.