Bernard Antony also declares cheese to be in season

Nevertheless, here are some recommendations for really delicious cheeses.

A price superlative is, for example, elk cheese. The product from the Swedish farm Älgens Host costs 500 euros per kilo. But the Anthony family stick to tried and tested classics and recommend the cheeses of the season. "Cheese is also in season" explains Bernard Antony. "For autumn, we recommend a Mothais made from goat’s milk, because the season will soon be over". The little delicacy ripens on the leaf of an oak. "Plus a Comté that has been stored for 2.5 years." The taste of cow’s milk cheese becomes more complex due to increasing storage, and Antony often also offers comtés that have matured for four years. The autumn selection also includes a Vacherin Mont d’Or, a creamy treat from Franche Comté.

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"In winter goat cheese is replaced by sheep’s milk cheese", explains Jean-François. "Then we recommend strong cheeses such as Munster or Epoisses, Roquefort from the small producer Combes or a Saint-Félicien from the farm." >>

That sounds simple, but affineurs need a lot of knowledge: First of all, with regard to the manufacturers, because their craft can only be at its best when the cheeses are made from raw milk. Then they need just as much specialist knowledge about the state of ripeness and potential defects of the cheese.

Munster is full name "Munster-Gérômé". For a pound of real Munster you need about five liters of cow’s milk. It changes during maturity "Bacterium Linens" the raw cheese to the delicate "Stinker" around. A real Munster cheese is colored red-gold, smells strongly, and takes hold "soft" on and tastes quite hot. Epoisses is not cut but spooned straight from the wooden box onto the plate. For cheese beginners it smells a little like ammonia – but this cheese tastes so spicy and strong that it makes you forget the rest of the cheese board.

Enjoyment from France Roquefort, on the other hand, matures in the famous and damp caves of Cambalou (from campus bellum = battlefield). The mold Penicillium roqueforti can thrive in these caves. A correctly ripened Roquefort will then have irregular, blue-gray veins of mold. It tastes hot to piquant. The Saint Félicien is a cow’s milk cheese that usually matures for four to six weeks, at its peak "career" carries a light, white mold and tastes mild to nutty. Cheese quality from Italy and Great Britain

And outside of France? "Two really great cheeses are the real Parmigiano-Reggiano and

the engraving tone"the Antonys reply. Stichelton, a British blue cheese, is the successor to the classic Stilton, which is still made from raw milk by a handful of enthusiasts. Parmigiano-Reggiano is also called Parmesan, but has little to do with the ground, bland powder that is on display in pizzerias. 600 liters of milk go into a single loaf of Parmigiano. Skimmed evening milk and fresh morning milk are mixed to make the cheese for its long storage "fit" close. Then he stays in the brine bath for three weeks. Time has to bring the rest. Impatient farmers who do not want to put up with years of ripening can actually get their cheese in one "Cheese bank" deliver. It pays the equivalent, takes care of ripening, storage and quality control.

How to enjoy cheese properly

"When our part of the aging process is over, it is up to the customer to handle the cheese properly"says Jean-François. Good cheese from the affineur should "mature" be. You can eat it immediately, but you shouldn’t wait too long to enjoy it, even if hard cheese and blue cheese have a long shelf Neither plastic wrap nor plastic boxes are good for cheese. Instead, they can be kept in the original paper in the fridge’s vegetable drawer. Cheeses such as Camembert, Brie, Munster and Livarot are stored outside the refrigerator in their original packaging, wrapped in a lightly dampened cloth. And, very important: let the cheese reach room temperature at least one hour before consumption. Because if it is too cold, even the best cheese will not taste good. You can also find delicious cheese recommendations in our photo show.

Under the pretext of eliminating malware, a man called a woman in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and urged them to perform a download. He is one of several scammers who pose as Microsoft employees over the phone. The police advise caution.

After following the instructions, the woman was asked to start online banking. The woman, who has meanwhile become suspicious, did not respond to this. However, due to the installed malware, she no longer has access to the operating system installed on her computer, it said.

As the police also announced, the masterminds of this scam are probably abroad. A call center in India that had made similar calls was shut down a few months ago. 

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If there is no identifiable reason to call a Microsoft representative, users should be suspicious and avoid submitting personal or sensitive information. And not give access to the computer.

Beware of the number "110" Called: Currently, con artists pretend to be commissioners, undercover investigators or public prosecutors in order to induce those called to hand over valuables. It cannot happen that you get a call from the police emergency number.

The police emergency number 110 or another local number appears in the telephone display of the person called because the criminals use a certain technology – the so-called "Call ID spoofing" – have manipulated the number display. In fact, the perpetrators are calling from abroad. The police, however, never call 110 and never ask for money, explains the police crime prevention of the states and the federal government.

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No details, no pressure, hang up immediately

If you are unsure after a suspicious call, you should contact the local police station or dial 110 yourself – but never press redial because you might end up with the scammers. Basically you should never talk to strangers about your personal or financial circumstances on the phone, you should not allow yourself to be put under pressure and, if in doubt, hang up immediately.

Premier Intertrade GmbH calls an electric glass kettle from the brand "Star Q" back. As reported by the company, there is a risk of electric shock if you touch the lower metal ring.

The kettle was sold at Netto Marken-Discount. There it was in the branches from May 6th and was also offered online.

Which model is affected by the recall

The product with the model name PI-1302B-E is affected by the recall. The designation can be found on a sticker on the underside of the connection station.

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Customers are asked to stop using the kettle and to disconnect it from the power supply. It can be returned in one of the branches; the purchase price will be reimbursed (even without presenting the receipt).

Bowing to a cult brand: since 1833 the clocks of the manufactory from the Vallée de Joux have been ticking on the wrists of the rich and beautiful of this world. Jaeger-LeCoultre has had a decisive influence on the history of haute horlogerie. And given yourself three luxurious models for your birthday.

180 years of Jaeger-LeCoultre

Photo series with 7 pictures

Anyone wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre on their wrist has made it – they belong to the global money nobility. The expensive manufacture is an institution even in Switzerland, which is rich in noble manufacturers. According to their own statements, the makers of the super luxury brand have now acquired 400 patents and 1242 calibres. The company prides itself on bringing exactly 180 different skills required to fully manufacture any watch under one roof. The history of the manufacture began in 1833 when the company was founded LeCoultre founded by the brothers Charles Antoine and Ulysse LeCoultre in the canton of Vaud. Eleven years later, Antoine LeCoultre invented a device for measuring micrometer distances, the millionometer. Delivered from 1907 LeCoultre & Cie Rohwerke to the Paris watchmaker Edmond Jaeger, based on his designs for the world’s thinnest pocket watches. The collaboration of LeCoultre & Cie with Jaeger resulted in a merger of the two companies under Jacques-David LeCoultre in 1937. >>

Today the brand belongs to Richemont-Group. The legendary watches include the "Reverso", the "Duo plan", the "Memovox", the "Polaris", the "Gyrotourbillon 1" and "2" and the "Duomètre line", but also the table clock that runs forever "Atmosphere"that is raised via temperature changes. Also the "Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie"which, with a total of 26 complications and more than 1,300 individual parts, is considered to be the most complicated and densely populated wristwatch in the world.

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"Homage to Antoine LeCoultre"

And so this year the cult brand is celebrating itself: on the occasion of the 180th birthday of the luxury manufacturer, a new boutique was opened on Place Vendôme in Paris. And more importantly: Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced a new collection called "Homage to Antoine LeCoultre" in front. The three pieces are intended to be a reminder of the beginnings of the company, which initially built pocket watches – a parallel can definitely be seen in the two round models.

Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon 3 Jubilee

The flagship of the anniversary collection is the watch with the round, spherical tourbillon. The flying whirlwind is hung on one side, so it is only supported on one side of the balance wheel made of blued gold. On the other hand, a spherical spiral was introduced instead of the cylindrical one. The absence of the upper bridge means that watch enthusiasts can see the work of the movement live. Thanks to a special surface treatment, the aluminum cage of the Gyrotourbillon strongly reflects the light – the actually matt metal transports the light far into the movement and into the tourbillon. Aluminum is used because this material is light enough for the cage.

The spherical rotating tourbillon is intended to almost completely minimize the gravity error and was already used in two earlier models. The "Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon 3 Jubilée" in the 43.5 millimeter platinum case, 75 units are built and offered at a price of 450,000 euros.

Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindee à Quantième Perpétuel Jubilee

The second piece of the anniversary edition is the "Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylinder à Quantième Perpétuel Jubilée"based on the perpetual calendars of the 19th century. According to the manufacturer, this is the first watch that combines a flying tourbillon with a cylindrical spiral spring. The cage of the whirlwind – this time not a spherical gyro tourbillon as presented above – is made of grade 5 titanium, its balance wheel is made of 14 carat gold. The watch is limited to 180 pieces and is available for just under 140,000 euros.

Master Ultra Thin Jubilee Number three in the anniversary collection is the "Master Ultra Thin Jubilee" – this is the thinnest hand-wound mechanical watch in the world. The delicate watch is not for extreme athletes, because it is only 4.05 millimeters high. The piece was inspired by an ultra-thin pocket watch from 1907, which at the time was the world’s thinnest mechanical watch with manual winding. The timepiece is manufactured 880 times and is also affordable at 15,000 euros. Noblesse for the whole region

Jaeger-LeCoultre is nobility in its purest form. Because of this and because of its importance for the region’s economy, the locals call the company the name of the company "Grand maison". Despite all the luxury tradition, the manufacturer is always good for surprises – every now and then the over-posh brand is down to earth. In cooperation with a local beekeeper, the management once had ten beehives set up in front of the entrance to the company’s headquarters in the Swiss Vallée de Joux, from which the new honey from the factory came Jaeger-LeCoultre. The honey should be an original souvenir for wealthy customers and demonstrate the will to protect the environment.


Jaeger-LeCoultre remains true to itself with its birthday models – technically at the highest level and only made for people who more or less do not have to look at a few hundred thousand euros. And those who don’t get panic attacks if they have a mega status symbol on their arm that costs as much as a single family home.

An official website of the soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) distributes malware and secretly uses the computing power of his fans’ PCs to convert the cryptocurrency "Monero" to calculate.

"That’s really cheeky", says IT expert Daniel Landers, who is investigating the case for t-online. "" uses the computing power of the main processors of website visitor PCs for the calculation, whereby the utilization is 100 percent. The website reports on this first "". 

Whether the website operator of "CR7" Knowing about the malware action is still unclear. The fact is. that you have to have full access to the website in order to accommodate the malware there. The multiple world footballer Cristiano Ronaldo certainly does not suffer from a lack of money.

Mining script also used on other sites

The mining script is used by "Coinhive" used. A month ago it became known that "The Pirate Bay" this JavaScript has been used for testing purposes on its pages, This led to complaints from visitors.