Born in 1980: These celebrities are in the same age

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One shows her legs in a short dress, the other wears skin-tight jeans. Both look at the camera. It is almost difficult to distinguish Mariella Ahrens from her daughter.

Isabella Ahrens seems to have inherited the dark hair, the fine features and the slim stature from her famous mother. The little girl who saw the light of day in 1999 has grown into a young woman and Mariella Ahrens couldn’t be more proud of her oldest. This is also proven by a new photo that the actress has now posted on Instagram. 

Mother and daughter sit next to each other on a swing. The picture was taken in Bulgaria, where the family is currently on vacation. The similarity between the two women is astounding, because Isabella is a feast for the eyes that even the fans of Mariella Ahrens cannot let go of. 

"Two beauties on a swing"

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"Two beauties on the swing"writes one commentator. Others wonder with whom Mariella Ahrens is posing. "Wow who is that"a fan wants to know. Another writes: "Is that your sister?"

A compliment that every mother will love to hear. Especially when it’s serious. Because the fact that mother and daughter look so similar and that they both appear very youthful is probably also pleasing to Mariella Ahrens. 

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Isabella is already in firm hands

For those who are curious, there are more insights into her life on Isabella’s Instagram profile. Whether photos with friends, outfit postings or holiday snapshots – your followers get a lot on offer.

What many are sure to be saddened by is the fact that Mariella Ahrens’ only daughter no longer walks through life on a solo path. The brunette has already given away her heart. To a young Berliner named Nils.

And the soccer player seems to like Mama Mariella Ahrens too. At least the 49-year-old has already commented on an old couple photo of the two with kiss smileys.

Sources used: Nilz’s Instagram profile

"The age difference is one of the reasons", said Mariella Ahrens in October after separating from her 13-year-old boyfriend to Now she’s looking for a more mature man – it’s not that easy.

After falling out of love with Sebastian Esser, Mariella Ahrens is ready for a new relationship. After three years, she separated from the 35-year-old last summer – when they were on vacation together, they fell out of love. There was even talk of wanting to have children service essay pdf The 48-year-old actress doesn’t regret her time with Sebastian, but would now like to have an older man by her side again. But there are problems. 

Sebastian Esser and Mariella Ahrens: They always appeared side by side on red carpets. (Source: Clemens Bilan / Getty Images for BABOR)

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"So either the men don’t dare to speak to you. The only ones who dare are mostly around 30. That has something, but theoretically I would like to meet a man who is older. In this respect, I would like the men over 40 to dare to speak to me", explains Mariella in an interview with "Gala". But their level of awareness also brings difficulties when looking for a partner: "Otherwise it is not always easy for me to differentiate: who is addressing me now because they know who I am – or maybe they think I’m pretty." After this call, some suitable gentlemen should contact Mariella.

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Mariella Ahrens was married to Patrick Graf von Faber-Castell from 2006 to 2012. The former couple have a daughter, Lucia, who was born in March 2007. Mariella is also the mother of another daughter: Isabella Maria was born in 1999. 

Sources used:"Gala"-Interview with Mariella Ahrens

It’s hard to believe: Mariella Ahrens celebrates her 50th birthday on Tuesday. The actress is apparently enjoying her new year as she has spent the old one for the most part: in a bikini in the sun. 

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In any case, Mariella Ahrens’ Instagram fans could get this impression. The actress was recently on a cruise. Together with her daughter, she visited several Canary Islands. She kept her almost 50,000 social media followers up to date with numerous photos – mostly in a good mood and in a bikini. 

Birthday party in Mallorca

Mariella Ahrens is now celebrating her 50th birthday and it took a long time to guess where these celebrations would take place. It was almost clear that she was drawn to the warmth and so the Mimin celebrated in the sun on Mallorca. In a bikini, she snapped a selfie with her tongue out, put it online and wrote: "I am what I am." To do this, she posted hashtags that said: "Sun and fun", "Birthday girl" or "Be yourself". 

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Intimate insights

But that’s not all. With the Instagram story function, Mariella Ahrens shares another insight from her birthday. Because there you can see a photo of her very best – in a bikini. 

Mariella Ahrens: She is celebrating her 50th birthday. (Source: Instagram / Mariella Ahrens)

The message behind it? Difficult to say, maybe the former wife of Patrick Graf von Faber-Castell is proud of her body and just likes to show how in good shape she is still at 50 years of age. 

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By the way, Mariella Ahrens was born in Russia. She has been married twice, has two daughters, and was most recently in the TV movie "Princess Maleen" to see. In 2004 she was a candidate in "Jungle camp". 

Sources used: Mariella Ahrens’ Instagram profile

After weeks of crisis, it was finally over. Mariella Ahrens has separated from her partner Sebastian Esser, as she confirmed RTL. In an interview, her ex has now also commented on the love-off for the first time.

Mariella and her boyfriend, 13 years her junior, were together for three years. The couple recently enjoyed their vacation in Bulgaria, but this apparently gave the couple the fatal blow.

For Sebastian Esser, the end of love can hardly be understood as it is now "" revealed: "We loved each other very much and our breakup hurts me." At the beginning, in 2014, the couple wanted children together, but recently Mariella did not want to comment on them.

Sebastian also got on brilliantly with the actress’ daughters, Isabella and Lucia. But that didn’t save the two of them from separating. "I ended our relationship because in the end the base was no longer right"said the 48-year-old. "As a result, I no longer saw a future for a common ‘we’", added her.

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Despite the pain, 35-year-old Sebastian only has nice words for his ex: "Mariella is a great woman and we had an amazingly great and loving time together."

On Thursday, Prince Harry appeared at his first public appointment after the withdrawal announcement. The royal also met with the German Federal Minister of Defense today. 

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Prince Harry has had his first public appointment after he and his wife Meghan die "Megxit"-Bomb have burst. At the appointment in Buckingham Palace, where he presented the draw for the Rugby League World Cup in 2021, he looked liberated and in a good mood – you can see the scenes of Prince Harry in the video above.

You can see him standing in front of the palace, talking to athletes and children and watching them play.

"Be careful with the lawn"

He is said to have joked with the children: "Be careful with the lawn or I’ll get in trouble!" He blocked questions from the press about his future plans. British media speculate whether this is the last public appointment that Prince Harry will attend as a senior royal.

Harry also met Federal Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer on Thursday. The meeting was about the Invictus Games, which Harry launched in 2014 and which are considered his heart project. The sporting events for war-disabled soldiers are to take place in Düsseldorf in 2022. As Harry announced yesterday via Instagram, he will come to Germany himself for this.

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The Mayor of Düsseldorf Thomas Geisel (SPD) also took part in the meeting between Kramp-Karrenbauer and Prince Harry. It took place in Buckingham Palace and is said to have lasted about three quarters of an hour. 

Sources used: Instagram: Sussex Royal news agency spot on news

Would you prefer to travel through the capital by car or by public transport? For Mariella Ahrens it is clear: she prefers her own vehicle, the fear in the subway is too great.

Mariella Ahrens avoids taking the subway. "I don’t feel safe on the subway. That is also one of the reasons why I drive a lot"said the 49-year-old actress on Thursday night on the sidelines of the Netflix series premiere "Dogs of Berlin". What exactly she is afraid of, however, she has not revealed.

Assault on Ku’damm

But Ahrens, who lives in Berlin-Charlottenburg, has also experienced situations above ground that scared her. About a year ago it was only a few meters away when a jeweler on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm was attacked. "At first I didn’t understand what was going on. I asked myself why it was so loud and why the police were running after them. It wasn’t until later that I realized what it was about."

Despite the disgust set: Bleibtreu, Yardim and BauerMariella Ahrens laughed about their daughter: "Has had a boyfriend for two years, she’s ahead of me"

Criminals have already struck several times in luxury shops around Ku’damm. Such gangs are also involved in "Dogs of Berlin" by director Christian Alvart, which will launch on Netflix on December 7th – with Fahri Yardim and Felix Kramer in the leading roles.

Sources used: dpa

Two months after the birth, Sabrina Mockenhaupt shared a new photo of herself and her baby with her fans on Instagram. Daughter Ruby can be seen from the front for the first time.

Born in 1980: These celebrities are the same age

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Sabrina is at the end of May "Mocki" Mockenhaupt became a mother for the first time. The long-distance runner announced this with a snapshot on Instagram that only shows the newborn’s little feet. She wrote: "Finally you’re there!"

Since then, the athlete has shared pictures of herself with her baby on Instagram almost every day with her almost 100,000 fans. However, little Ruby was only photographed from behind. Fans only got to see the back of the child’s head. Until now.

"Ruby won’t be an Insta kid"

The 39-year-old shared a photo for the first time that also shows the girl’s face.