Do you want to silence web pages that automatically start playing audio or video as soon as you open them? This can be especially tricky if you’ve opened several tabs and aren’t sure where the sound is coming from. Firefox and Chrome have long offered ways to mute such audio. Instead of going through the hassle of opening Edge each time you want to access the page, you can save it to the Windows Taskbar instead. Now the website is available to you as soon as you log into Windows.

Here, you can search for and browse available extensions. Install an extension by clicking the Get button, then hitting the Add extension button. The menu will automatically appear with the Favorites tab open. You have the option to rename the page and can add it to a specific Favorites folder, if you have created one. The next time you want to access one of your collections, go back to the Collections pane and select the one you wish to view, or just click the Collections icon on the toolbar.

After the system reboot, Windows 10 automatically launches the new Edge browser. Microsoft is currently rolling out Windows 10 KB to install the new Edge browser on May 2020 Update PCs. On January 15, Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser was officially launched. In January, the company also announced that it will roll out the new browser to Windows 10 users automatically via a standalone Windows Update. Here is how to download the new Edge browser in Windows 10. The new Edge looks completely different from the one that came pre-installed with Windows 10. The Chromium-based Edge sports a UI which is very identical to the popular Google Chrome browser.

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  • It’s always a good idea to periodically delete your browser cookies and purge your cache.
  • Clearing cookies improves your browser speed and performance, and it prevents people from collecting data about you with tracking cookies.
  • Refer to each command’s–help output and theCygwin User’s Guidefor more information.
  • This ensures that you’re seeing only the most current content while you browse.

You can create multiple collections, edit a collection, delete individual items in a collection, and delete an entire collection. While we bet one of the first things you do on a new Windows PC is rush to the web and download Firefox, Chrome, or your other browser of choice, there are still reasons to consider Edge. After all, we found it performs well against the competition. The new Edge is much-improved over the previous version.

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The showstopper for me is a tiny detail – the Favorites list is double-spaced. After many complaints, I am told that MS are actually investigating the issue with a view to fixing it.

In the new version of Edge, you can install extensions from the Microsoft Store and Chrome Web Store. Click the "Get extensions" link to view add-ons in the Microsoft Store.

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The browser has most of the features offered in Chrome, but some have been either replaced or removed. After announcing Chromium-based Edge in December 2018, Microsoft recently released the first stable version of the new Edge browser for Windows 10. If you often read PDFs and ebooks on your Windows PC or tablet, here’s a trick you’ll like. The page jumps into full-screen mode so you can read without the distraction of the top toolbars and browser menu. When you’re done, press F11 again to exit full-screen mode.