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Easily the best attempt ever at conveying the feel of being a realworld spy. You’re playing with toys and tools that are at least plausible and primarily saving the day from behind a desk. Expectations were high for Telltale’s Walking Dead creators when they founded their new company, and they were met with this fascinatingly low-key follow-up. Just the story of a man, Henry, escaping his life by taking a job watching for fires in Wyoming, and the relationship he develops with his boss, Delilah. Some of the mystery that follows is opinion-splitting material, but Campo Santo nails both the loneliness and the camaraderie of being vulnerable and isolated in even mostly-safe situations. Even when the thriller part fades, the exquisite character piece remains. Her Story has now won enough awards for creator Sam Barlow to melt them all down and create some kind of towering super-award, and not without reason.

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But in either case, it’s likely worth being particular about the choices you’re going to make, especially if they seem like they’re going to matter. Similarly, you can end the game and come back to it by just taking a picture of your state and putting everything in the box to be reassembled later. Some things may take away your health, causing you to lose cards. If you lose all your health, return one of your Health Cards to the box and flip the other ones back to full.

  • This whole process was very similar to the Exit escape room board games – not surprising as the Adventure Games and Exit are made by the same company, Kosmos.
  • With the release of Tell Me Why, we’re looking back at the biggest titles, and at why we still love adventure all these years later.
  • I’ve played many of the games in this book for myself, but there are also quite a few that I haven’t; after reading this book, I’m already finding myself trying to dig some of them up.
  • In the chapter on the indie game Linelight, Brett Taylor, the game’s creator, says, “Don’t look for lightning; follow your curiosity.” And Hickey manifests that advice in every chapter in the book.
  • Curiosity is clearly the driver here, and the impulses of that curiosity take us places we probably wouldn’t expect to go.

Very reminiscent oof an old-time computer game, but also very frustrating. I think this one does a better job with its puzzling than Monochrome, Inc. did.There were a few puzzles that were genuinely challenging! We had to do some mental legwork to actually get through them, which delighted me, as you might guess. I hope that they get more puzzley over time if they end up continuing with this series. You can’t undo some decisions; choose wisely.If you want to see the results of the road not taken, well, there’s a good reason why this is a replayable game.

If you lose your last Health Card, well, someone else loses a Health Card instead. You may either use the elevator to move freely between levels depicted on their cards, or you may move to another location on the level you’re already on. Just be careful; as mentioned, the elevator is considered part of the level it’s currently on, so make sure you don’t drag unwilling participants somewhere dangerous. Over the course of the adventure, Mission Cards will be revealed that give you a goal for each chapter. They tell you what you’re looking for or attempting to accomplish. You’ll also reveal and often acquire Adventure Cards which can range from items you carry to non-player characters you find along the way to afflictions you must then find a way to get rid of/treat. Considering that it is less than $20 for up to 6 hours of fun, and you can pass it on to a friend or “run” for your family, we’d give The Dungeon 4 out of 5 health points for a family audience.

We’d bump that rating up further for an all-adult audience. The Dungeon is marked 12+, but our experience shows you can definitely play it with kids who are much younger. Be aware of themes of violence Rocketdock (there’s a skeleton chained up, and there are things trying to kill your characters) and drinking alcohol.

Not appearing on any best-of list composed by Richard Cobbett. Completely rewriting the adventure gaming rulebook, Telltale brought a sense of action and deep emotion to its take on the beloved comics. The smoke and mirrors are best not investigated too closely, but no adventure has ever forced so many people to think about every decision for what it will say about them as much as what it might do. Breezy platforming and very minimal puzzling provide the framework for a sweet, earnest, sad coming of age story set in a fading small town.

It’s a bit of a shame that what begins as a murder mystery soon takes a swerve into a more fantastical character study, and that your purpose in the game isn’t quite what it seems. Even so, digging through the tale by searching for keywords and clips and piecing together the order for yourself is as compelling as any detective fiction. Often the “best person” for the particular task at hand is pretty arbitrary.Sometimes the game asks you to choose who will perform a specific task. Sometimes it makes sense who the “right answer” is, and sometimes it does not.