In more advanced forms, they can also be used to describe complex structures and concepts so your entire team can better understand them. Here are the best mind-mapping software options available, their most impressive strengths, and how you can download them for your next big meeting. Mind Mapping software is used by teams and indivisuals to visualise ideas and outline creative process. If you think there are features missing from the product, you can also log a feature request.

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  • NETGEAR genie is a free software to connect, monitor, and control your home network.
  • However, once we figured out where different features lived, we felt that it was definitely usable for mind mapping, especially since the product is free.
  • And, as the scanning goes on, all the detected devices are mapped in real time.
  • FreeMind is not the only mind mapping tool on the market, so here are some alternatives we think are noteworthy.
  • It provides a separate module to show you network map of all connected devices.

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You can arrange the map in radial shape, hierarchal layout, or tree layout. As the scanning ends, the network map is displayed on the interface. You can view discovered devices and related information in the right panel. There, you can also view Connection Points, Unspecified Devices, Unattached Devices, Bad Networks, Unattached Network Points, etc. You can view properties of each device by selecting it, such as type, name, IP address, etc. In the Graphs tab, you can view node’s Ok Uptime %, Critical Uptime %, and Warning Uptime %.

Some other key features of this software include test ISP connection speed, manage WiFi networks, manage router settings, etc. Command information like start and end time, hosts scanned, hosts down, hosts up, verbosity time, debug level, etc. can be viewed.

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To view network infrastructure, move to Topology tab where you will be able to view network map. You can view topology legend information to understand networks representations, like host icons, connecting lines, etc. It lets you view networks map in a Fisheye mode and tweak various control options like Change Focus, Show Information, Group Children, Fill Region, Interpolation, Layout, View, etc. You can save network map as a graphics file including PNG, PDF, PostScript, and SVG. A dedicated Host Viewer is provided to view information related to discovered hosts.

The purpose of FreeMind is to enable non-linear approaches to brainstorming and mindmapping, and most of the product’s noteworthy features support these tasks. After launching this software, click on Discover & Monitor My Devices option. After scanning devices, it displays them in a dedicated section with IP address, OS, model, and device type. Now, from its My Network menu, you can open Network Map. You can choose network map of all devices or backbone to be displayed. The basic information of nodes i.e. network devices is also shown.

However, FreeMind is open source software, so there is no guarantee that your feature request will be implemented. One of the first things you will likely notice is that FreeMind appears a bit dated. Its user interface screams early 2000s, and we found it somewhat difficult to find the features we needed in the various menus.

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