The Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) began in 1972 in the Philippines when God called Arsenio T. Ferriol as an apostle in our time. Armed with a divine revelation, an apostolic authority and an unbreakable spirit, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol preached the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ accompanied with signs and wonders. Eventually, through God’s empowering grace upon him, our brother was able to build and establish vibrant churches all over the nation’s capital in Manila and throughout the rest of the Philippine archipelago.
Today, the PMCC (4th Watch) is recognized in the Philippines as a major spiritual and religious force impacting the country with the gospel of Jesus and His true doctrines.

In 1989, in the United States, the PMCC (4th Watch) started in Southern California through the missionary efforts of Pastor-Evangelist Leticia Santos Ferriol. “Pastor Let”, as members lovingly call her, is the wife of Apostle Arsenio. The church began in a small living room with only two families as its initial members. Undeterred, she kept laboring and preaching to whosoever she would come in contact with. It wasn’t that long until the church started to increase in number. Then in 1995, the fledgling church was able to rent a commercial office space along Avalon Street in the city of Carson.

Due to her pressing ministry concerns in the Philippines, Pastor Let returned home. The church was entrusted to a number of workers and elders who equally labored to preserve the momentum of growth in the church. Then in July 1998, just over a year after his graduation from the Maranatha Bible School, Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol was sent to the United States to pastor the church his mother pioneered. Immediately, Pastor Jonathan introduced radical changes in the church, which became instrumental for its current ground breaking accomplishments. The church started to grow in membership and spiritual maturity as Pastor Jonathan preached and led with anointing and creative passion.

A major breakthrough came in 2004 when the church was able to purchase a 1.2 acre property worth $2.1 million in the city of Gardena between 182nd and Vermont streets. In December 2006, construction started to build a 250-seat sanctuary, with offices and classrooms for the church at a total cost of $3.5 million. The project was completed September 2007 and was inaugurated by Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol with much pomp, and witnessed by city officials as well as other church dignitaries. Corresponding with their new chapter, the PMCC (4th Watch) now calls itself the PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay.

In 2008, the PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay continued with its expansion by launching a television program called “Surer Word” on KSCI Channel 18. The program airs each Friday from 3:30 pm to 4 pm. Soon after, the church started showing the Surer Word program on KTSF Channel 26 every Saturday at 12:30 pm, reaching the major cities and counties of Northern California. Surer Word is also shown via satellite on Hosanna Broadcasting Network Channel 20 every Wednesday and Thursday morning at 6:30 am. Just this year, Surer Word inked a deal with Miracle Channel to air our program throughout the provinces of Canada, reaching as far as India and the state of Ohio. As of to date, the Lord is using the Surer Word television ministry to touch thousands of people and bringing souls to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Early in 2011, through the vision of Pastor Jonathan Ferriol, a church was opened in the city of Los Angeles with the backing and support of the main church in South Bay. Today, a community of faithful believers all over the city is forming and growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The year of 2012 was one of breakthrough for the PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay. We celebrated our 23rd Anniversary, proving to be the most successful yet with an attendance of over 700 brethren, friends, and guests, many of whom accepted the Lord and were baptized.

Through the vision of our senior pastor and the efforts of our youth and high school students, the Timothy Circle campus ministry was started this year in Carson High School. The group meets every Thursday morning, where Pastor Jonathan presents the word of God and shares personal experiences with our youth and their classmates.

The PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay also reaches out our neighboring cities through free medical missions and volunteer service. The church also caters to the spiritual needs of our community by personal and public evangelism, leading many to a greater knowledge of Christ and His salvation.
Our church started small, but we have now grown big, and we will grow even more as we continue to work empowered with God’s abundant grace and strength 20 euro bonus ohne einzahlung.

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